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Carrie Bicycle Basket
Resembling her grandmas Swedish crochet tablecloth, designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson gives a current twist to the bike basket. Basket comes with back nylon strap for easy shopping and hard ware to attach to bike.

Music box

A turn of the elegantly shaped key magically produces one of Mozart’s melodies
from inside the solid wooden ball. The 18-note chime plays whether the ball is
rolling or standing still. Manufactured in a village on the edge of the Black Forest,
the hidden chime mechanism is mounted in premium quality wood that has been
fashioned into a perfect sphere.

92mm wooden ball in premium light beech or dark oak, waxed; with 18-note
chime. Melody: ‘Voi che sapete’ from ‘Marriage of Figaro’ by W.A. Mozart;
with wind-up key and ring-shaped cradle in gift-box.

Designed by Adam und Harborth, Berlin.

Give birds a home and a place to hatch their young with the colorful and
durable handcrafted ceramic Egg Bird House. The 1 1/8″ diameter
entry hole will attract chickadees, wrens, and smaller birds, keeping
house sparrows out. Available in eight glossy colors.
Designer Jim Schatz (see also egg bird feeder and bank)
Made in Greene, NY

These super soft plush monkeys will make you so happy! Large monkey likes to cuddle. Medium monkey can stand on its own. Little monkey likes to hang in the window and daydream!
Made in Japan

Streamliner Rally
A favorite of children and adults alike.
Super smooth surface and shape fits perfect in your hand to drive along anywhere.
Holds two removable passengers.
From Sweden by PLAYSAM

EZ fold step stool – tall
Just grab the center handle and gravity pulls the ladder flat to slide into easy storage when not in use.
Great for kids tooth brush time or for an adults extra reach.
Holds up to 300lbs

Wave Hanger
These wall hangers are great in any entry way, bedroom, bathroom and/or kids room.
Adjust the length by lining up as many together as you like or space them out.
Designed with efficiency and lack of waste.
Designed by Nanni Holen for Design House Stockholm
$68 / pack of 2

Rody Max Stop being jealous of how much fun your kids are having with their Rody and get your own! For kids ages 6 thru adults! $129.00


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