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Valobra Soap Tin

Half-Litre Vintage Apothecary Glass Bottle, Creations

Imported from France, a stash of vintage apothecary bottles of all different shapes and sizes have been rescued and brought back to life with beautiful labels. Ideal for storage or pure decoration, these are sure to bring a certain je ne sais quoi to your bathroom.

Platinum Soap Collection, Claus Porto

Claus Porto’s decadent Bronze Soap Collection contains five of the favourites from their range, presented in a fantastic golden package, engraved with the brand’s logo. The set includes: Voga (Acacia Tuberose), Parada (Pear Sandalwood), Rivale (Grapefruit Fig), Tabaco (Tobacco) and Lelite (Orange Amber).

Claus Porto was established in Porto in 1887 and is the oldest family owned soap and perfume company in Portugal and the most prestigious. Today, the company continues with the great soap making traditions, using only the highest quality ingredients to create luxurious, long-lasting and aromatic soaps.

Apothecary Soap Dispenser, Renovations Store

Chemist Toothbrush Holder, Renovations Store

Apothecary Tissue Box, Renovations Store

Apothecary Small Bath Canister, Renovations Store

Victorian Print Soapdish, Burleigh

Full Moon Waining Cushion (£65.00)

Saarinen Tulip Armchair, Knoll (£1,109.96)

Eye Stool, Fornasetti

The ‘Occhio’ Stool (meaning eye in Italian) features an original design by artist Piero Fornasetti, painted by hand on a poplar seat. It stands on three black-lacquered beech-wood legs. Handcrafted in Italy; each is individually made to order. Buy a piece of modern day surrealism and inject some joy into your minimalist home. (£475.00)

Lips Stool, Fornasetti


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