Louise Fili Ltd. Packaging-

In am | Packages on March 26, 2009 by absolutmaterialist

These recycled polypropylene shoppers for Blue Q were created from an archive of vintage European alphabets, labels and patterns, as was the packaging for their line of People Candy.

After 25 years, American Spoon was in need of a redesign. A new logo featuring a wood engraving, and botanical illustrations on the labels, brought new life to this family business.

The design for this grapeseed oil for chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten combines a California and French sensibility—a West Coast color palette against a Provencal background motif.

This margarita mix and salt were the two best-selling products in Williams-Sonoma for nearly a decade, and were followed by a line of other flavors, all featuring commissioned woodcuts.

Tate’s top-rated chocolate-chip cookies (and cakes, pies, brownies, and blondies) are impossible to resist. Victorian-era illuminated letterforms inspired the logotype and packaging.

Vintage cracker graphics inspired the design of the Late July packaging. All type on the front panel of the box is hand lettered, including the net weight.

After a quarter century, the legendary Sarabeth’s was due for a makeover. A typographic overhaul of the packages allowed the look of the product to measure up to its reputation.

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