Le Billionaire Champagne By Leon Verres: World’s Most Expensive!

In am | Wine Champagne and Spirits on April 6, 2009 by absolutmaterialist

‘Le Billionaire Champagne’ is being hailed as the most expensive champagne available right now. Only five of the bottles would enter the market and would be priced at $2.75 million each. Contain nine litres of expnsive bubbly, the bottles are also attired in rich designer wear studded with diamonds and wearing a Shapka, a Russian fur cap. The bottles will be titled ‘Pieces of History’ and history has already been created for only one of the five pieces are up for sale now, since the rest have been whipped away by affluent buyers from around the world. This last Salmanazar bottle would be auctioned off for the public during the Le Billionaire Champagne World Tour.

For those who wish to take a sip of a billion dollars of champagne, Leon Verres has created the 0.75 liter miniature version of Le Billionaire Champagne which would be available for $2,750. These miniature versions would also be dressed in similar designer clothes.

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